We offer expertise, organizational management, and global perspective that is unmatched in the industry.

Architecture & Infrastructure

Network and Event Management. Design and implementation of solutions to mitigate cyber threats...

Security operations

Design of Security Operation Centers, deployment of monitoring infrastructure, and maintenance...

Risk Management & Security Plans

Security Risk Assessment and the creation of a strategy for the management of the security risks...

Organization & Governance

Organization Maturity Model. Rating level of security governance maturity...

Security positioning vs business perception

Solutions for the monitoring of the security posture of the customer organizations...


The main advantage for a global Enterprise Risk Management is an instantaneous convergence...

About us

The CSE team is composed of high skilled who worked for almost any industry implementing services and solutions to protect the infrastructure of private companies and government organizations. The experts are daily involved in a battle against various threat actors, including cyber criminal syndicates and nation state actors.

Cyber Security


National Security


Risk Mitigation


Organizational Management

Across the years we profiled multiple categories of attackers, this experience allows us to think like your adversary.

We are information security veterans that have dealt with multiple types of sophisticated cyber adversaries. We are trailblazers, breaking new ground with our unique multi-disciplinary approach that allow us to face with tailored cyber operations.

The members of our executive team and advisory board are proven leaders in the areas of cyber security, national security, and risk mitigation. The operative team is composed of excellent security researchers, malware analysis, certified compliance auditors, security engineers, computer forensics examiners, and trainers with a significant expertise and decades of experience.

We are a team of certified compliance auditors, security engineers,
computer forensics examiners, security consultants, security researchers,
and trainers with in-depth expertise and decades of experience.



The company , working in cyber security arena, is committed to offer customers an innovative and highly personalized approach, based on real technological and consulting excellence,  made possible through a strategic alliance with significant international partners;

providing solutions facing cyber security issues not only based on information technology but including personalized insurance coverage of the residual cyber risk and the most effective legal response strategy, in case of attacks;  

an approach "turnkey” based offering clients a  complete defense of their assets, whether physical or impalpable.


We intend to be a shield protecting companies and government agencies from cyber attacks in the most comprehensive and effective way;

we want to build an environment that attracts and form the best talents helping them to give the best of their potential; a place that produces excellence and innovation.

We want to play a leading role in the international market

We offer



CSE offer a global enterprise risk management approach to its cusromers Definition of a model (methodologies and tool) comprehensively approaching enterprise risk management for both top Management and operating staff.
The main advantage for a global Enterprise Risk Management is an instantaneous convergence of ERM processes with other risk analysis activities.
The offer includes the following services:

  • Benchmarking and evaluation ERM software solutions used by the customer’s organizations.
  • Gap analysis for ERM processes and risk analysis activities.



NIS Readiness

CSE offers a NIS Readiness service that allows companies to implement and adopt of the measures necessary to achieve compliance with the security standards mentioned in the Directive.
In more detail:

    • Audit of Internal Security Processes and definition of procedures for the implementation of self-audit systems require by the National Authorities.
    • Definition/Implementation of an Incident Response strategy that will cover any aspect, from technical to legal issues.
    • Provisioning of "Threat Intelligence Services."
    • Implementation of information-sharing systems according to the specifications of the NIS Directive.
    • Organization of simulations of cyber-attacks and security breach in order to test the resilience of an organization and the countermeasures in place to repel the attack. It is essential to evaluate the response of the personnel to the incident.
    • Implementation/Evaluation of advanced systems for the prevention of cyber-attacks.



CSE offers a turnkey service to allow customers being compliant with the EU normative on privacy.
In more detail:

    • GDPR Readiness Assessment or evaluation of the privacy posture of the company to ensure compliance with GDPR. Gap analysis and recommendations with respect to GDPR compliance.
    • Privacy Impact Assessments or assessment of privacy risks related to systems, processes, and policies in the organization.
    • Risk Analysis.
    • Inventory of personal data managed by the company.
    • Implementation of a privacy monitoring and ranking.
    • Models that continuously evaluate and measure the level of GDPR compliance the organization.
    • Assessment of corporate information assets with a focus on the data that must be processed and stored by the company.
    • Management of the security and privacy issues related to the development, transfer, and storage of information.



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