Cybersecurity week Round-Up (2018, Week 6)

Cybersecurity week Round-Up (2018, Week 6) -Let’s try to summarize the most important event occurred last week in 3 minutes.

Cyber criminals continue to target cryptocurrency industry with malware and phishing attacks.

Security researchers at Netlab have spotted a new Android mining botnet, dubbed ADB.miner, that targets devices with ADB interface open.

An international operation conducted by law enforcement allowed to dismantle the crime ring behind the Luminosity RAT. US authorities also announced to took down the global cyber theft ring known as Infraud Organization.

Good news for the Popular British hacktivist Lauri Love that will not be extradited to US, UK Court Ruled. The list of victims of the hacker includes the FBI, the Federal Reserve Bank NASA and the US Missile Defence Agency..

While Cisco and FireEye confirmed that North Korean Hacking Group exploited the recently discovered Adobe Flash 0-Day flaw,  Adobe rolled out an emergency patch that fixed it.

A security researcher ported the three NSA exploits released by Shadow Brokers crew to Metasploit, including EternalRomance.

For the second time, CISCO issues a security patch to fix a critical vulnerability in CISCO Adaptive Security Appliance. The company confirmed that threat actors are already attempting to exploit itare already attempting to exploit itin the wild .

While Intel releases new Spectre security updates, currently only for Skylake chips, VMware issues temporary mitigations for Meltdown and Spectre flaws.

The source code of the Apple iOS iBoot Bootloader leaked online, while Apple downplays the data leak security experts warn hacker can use it for a future jailbreak.

Swisscom data breach Hits 800,000 Customers, roughly 10% of Swiss population.

Crooks and experts devised new methods to exfiltrate data from compromised systems. Researchers at Forcepoint discovered a new piece of malware dubbed UDPOS that exfiltrates credit card data DNS queries.

The week ended with the discovery of an unpatchable flaw in Nintendo Switch bootROM by fail0verflow hacker group that exploited it to runs Linux OS on the console.

This week a researcher at Trustwave disclosed many vulnerabilities in NETGEAR routers, and Lenovo patches critical flaws that affect Broadcoms chipsets in dozens of Lenovo ThinkPad.


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